Do You Ask What Donald Trump Doesn’t Tell You About His Kids?


    The Oldest Son

    Donald Trump Jr.Donald Trump Jr.

    Donald Trump Jr., 37, is the oldest child of Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana Trump. He currently works along in the position of Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization.

    Endangered Trophy Hunter

    elephant siteelephant site

    Junior’s love of hunting is no secret. He’s even admitted in an interview that hunting did a lot for him growing up, “in terms of keeping me out of trouble.” In 2012, Donald made waves with this photo, after TMZ obtained and published photos of the Trump boys posing on safari in Zimbabwe.

    Junior’s ‘Party Year’ in Aspen

    graduation jr
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    Like his father, Donald Jr. is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, he took year off to party in Aspen, Colarado. The year proved to be a turning point in his life, as he afterwards agreed to renounce his party lifestyle, and settle down to work for his father.

    His Model Wife

    Donald Trump Jr.
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    Trump Jr. married fashion model Vanessa Haydon in 2005 and the couple have five children. Haydon is also known to have dated Leonardo DiCaprio during her modeling days.

    ‘Favorite’ Daughter

    Ivanka Trump on Being Protected by the Scandal of Her Parents' Split| Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivana Trump, Ivanka Trump, Marla Maples
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    Ivanka Trump is Donald’s eldest daughter with his first wife. She has become a successful businesswoman in her own right, and regarded by Donald as ‘his favorite.’

    Model, Fashionista, Businesswoman

    Ivanka Trump
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    She’s not only the executive vice president of acquisitions and development for her father’s company, but she’s also a model, a New York Times best-selling author, and a fellow UPenn grad, like her father.

    Her Own Brand of Scandal

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    Months after her fashion line was forced to recall highly flammable scarves made in China, Ivanka was sued by Italian shoe line Aquazzura in Manhattan federal court. The company alleged that Trump’s footwear line and manufacturer knocked off the design of its wildly popular shoe design, ‘Wild Thing.’

    Unafraid to Dress up

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    Ivanka’s career began as a model in her teenage years. She caught the attention of the general public after photos such as the above were published. Roughly 10 years later, her father would go on to say that ” if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”


    Tiffany Trump
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    Lesser-known Tiffany Trump has been catching eyes this campaign trail. The real estate mogul’s daughter with his second wife, Marla Maples, has played an interesting role this campaign.

    Rich Kids of Instagram

    Tiffany Trump
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    Tiffany is all over the Manhattan social scene and is very active on Instagram. She’s a regular poster. Here is a picture taken from her Instagram of herself and her family, including her half-sister, Ivanka Trump, and half-brother Eric Trump.


    ej johnson tiffany trump

    The busy socialite has spent summers in the Hamptons, and passed her spare time at her Manhattan apartment. However, her socializing hasn’t gotten in the way of her bringing out a pop single. Tiffany also landed a coveted internship at Vogue with a little help from her half-sister Ivanka, and even got to have lunch with Anna Wintour.

    Studying Hard

    Tiffany TrumpTiffany attends her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, where she is double majoring in sociology, with a concentration in law and urban studies. Her proud father is delighted that she received all A’s at Penn.

     The Second Son
    Eric Trump
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    Eric Trump, who is married to Lara Yunaska, an associate producer at the CBS  television news program, Inside Edition, has been a very active part of his father’s career. He is his third child with his first wife.


    Eric Trump
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    In 2012, Trump was recognized by Forbes magazine among their top ’30 under 30′ in real estate and by the New York Observer as one of the ’20 Most Important Young Philanthropists’. In 2006, he founded The Eric Trump Foundation.

    Sexual Assault Remarks

    On the August 2, 2016 episode of CBS This Morning, Eric defended a controversial statement his father gave to USA Today the day before, in which he said that if his daughter were ever sexually harassed in the workplace, he would “like to think she would find another career or find another company.” Eric Trump attempted to clarify by saying that “Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman, she wouldn’t allow herself to be objected to it.” Gretchen Carlson, former Fox News anchor who sued former Fox CEO Roger Ailes for harassment, and Megyn Kelly, a current Fox News anchor who has also alleged unwanted advances, denounced both father and son for “victim blaming.”

    The Youngest Trump

    Barron Trump
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    This is Barron, son of Donald and Melania Trump. After his father became President of the United States, he became the nation’s First Son in the White House.

    Privilege and a Penthouse

    Barron Trump
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    Barron Trump has a whole floor to call his own in the family’s Manhattan penthouse. In spite of his privileged life as the son of extremely wealthy parents, his mother and father believe in being hands on for their child. The Trumps have staff who cook, clean, and tend to other needs they have but don’t have a nanny for Barron.


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