Bird’s-eye-view photographs reveal a rarely seen view of Singapore’s urban beauty


It’s a city known, in part, for its stunning architecture. 

But while most people view Singapore from the ground upwards, one photographer has offered a refreshing alternative – thanks to his collection of stunning aerial shots.

Taken by local resident Willy Chandra, his bird’s eye-view images show residential hubs such as Sentosa Island in all its glory, plus some of the country’s biggest skyscrapers, including Suntec City and Lion City.

Meanwhile, other photographs show a more relaxed side to the famed island country, with gardens by the bay illuminated in purple light and boats anchored in clear blue water at marinas. 

Interestingly, many of the snapshots illustrate the deliberate symmetry of the designs for maximum aesthetic appeal. 

And, judging by these pictorial insights, they succeeded…  

The height of good photography: A trio of identical tower blocks are surrounded by lush green trees in central Singapore 


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